the wind….

Have you ever had your life changed by the wind?
I have.
Standing on a dirt road in Swaziland with my friend Alyssa I cried out to God to tear the brick wall inside of me that was keeping me from trust. I could feel the wall. I could see it. And I knew the only way to get past it was to brick by brick take it down.
And then the wind came.
It came quietly at first, rustling the leaves lightly, turning the dirt at our feet.
And then gusts came.
This wind came and it blew my story down to the railroad tracks.
It came and it twisted my heart.
I had never heard or felt or seen a wind like this.
That wind followed me to southeast Asia and on a plane to the US
And pushed me to Spain.
Where it met me.
The wind was aggressive, loving and allowed me to find home.
The wind cleansed and stirred
allowed me
to be cleansed
to be stirred
to be unsettled
to find peace in being unsettled
to know that eventually I would settle
everything has to eventually fall to the ground
everything has to hit the ground
the wind healed hearts
closed eyes
invited joy
calmed in the midst of chaos.
the wind provided refuge
wisdom and life
the wind is never the same.
These are my stories of the wind, where it took me, where it has me and where it will follow me.

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